"Flags on Shoulders and Stars on Lapels"

An astronaut travels his final journey, but did he start it alone..?
Through the black, the dark, and the isolation of the mind comes the final journey through out our solar system (and beyond).

This book was created for my book design assignment at ACG Yoobee School of Design.
I was inspired to create a small poetic book about the great expanse of space and it's inevitable hopelessness as we travel through it. 

I was very fortunate of have the writer Sarah Knipping to create a poem for this book. I am forever thankful to her for being able to capture the emotion that I wanted to express within this book. This is just as much as her project as it is mine.
In the dead of space
Darkness is all there is now
It engulfs me
Consumes me
It swallows me whole
We sailed here
Into the ocean of black
Endless Horizons
The bounty of exploration
An empty bounty
Hands that now hold the lasts grasps of my sense of humanity
Flags on shoulders and stars on lapels
Our arc of hope
A floating coffin
We no longer
An epitaph in a newspaper on a ball of dirt now so far away

My hands could reach out and touch your face
So close now
Collapsed on knees
I beg
For something, anything
I sink into it
My very being dissolving into the great beyond
Yet another speck in the night time sky.
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